Nifty Futures Trading Update – 27Dec2016

Please see the above Nifty futures daily chart analysis. Immediate resistance is coming up at 8100. Next major resistance will coming around 8330. Technical target for Nifty after all these tussles is 8520. The first step will be to cross 8100 in a decisive way.

Nifty Futures Trading Update – 29Nov2016

Nifty Futures tested 8200 today but could not hold and have fallen rapidly to 8150 by end of day. As mentioned in previous posts, there is a key resistance at Nifty 8200 level. Nifty futures trading range is currently 7900 to 8300, and I believe 8300 should get tested once before any large correction again. […]

Nifty Futures Trading Outlook – 25Nov2016

Nifty index has closed today (25 Nov 2016) at 8114, and therefore Nifty is back above 8100 level. Nifty is also now above its 10 Day Moving Average (DMA), so some level of support has been built between 8000-8100 level, and the logical target now is 8200, where multiple resistance lines are visible. Highest Nifty […]