Our Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures Trading is dynamic, with multiple trades per month, sometimes 3-5 trades per week, as we take profits in some trades and start new trades.

All our Futures trading is in only with Nifty futures and Bank Nifty futures.
There is no futures trading outside these two index futures.

So most of our trading is with Nifty and Bank Nifty futures. For example, in some deeply oversold market conditions, the highest reliability trades may come from Bank Nifty, even before Nifty, and we will take long positions in Bank Nifty futures even before we start any position in Nifty futures.

Profitable Input for You: 
Buy Bank Nifty futures during deeply oversold markets, 
like when Bank Nifty has been falling for 5-6 weeks. 
This may give you some M2M loss for 1-2 weeks more, 
but it will give very good profits in next 3-5 weeks.

Please Note: We do not use Nifty Options for trading. We often buy cheap Put options to hedge long positions, and their cost is adjusted/reduced from trading profit.

Limit Orders: We use limit orders extensively for buying and selling futures. So it is necessary to have a broker whose system allows limit orders, and ideally VTC (Valid till Cancel) limit orders. We use ICICI Direct for our company trading account, and we suggest the same for you too.

Trading Block: Each trade is with at least 150 Nifty futures (2 lots). So each buying and selling will be with 150 Nifty futures or its multiples, like 300 or 450 futures. Total position size will be between 600 to 900 Nifty futures, while the trades are in progress.

Leverage: We will typically operate with 3-5X leverage. For example, if a trader allocates Rs 25 lakh capital for trading with our inputs, then the position size will typically range between Rs 75 to 125 lakh. For example, if we buy 750 Nifty futures at 10,000, it will have create a position size of Rs 75 lakh (750 x 10,000), which is in the comfortable zone for risk management, and also for getting good gains.

Model Portfolio: Our model portfolio started with Rs 1 cr on 1st Jan 2020.
Our goal is create 40-60% gain in calendar year 2020.

Minimum capital required to use this service properly is Rs 20 lakh.

Performance: Please contact us for Trading Portfolio performance for year 2019.

Subscribe: Traders can subscribe to our Trading Portfolio, and receive real-time updates, by email. We will get into any trade only after it has been shared with the subscribers.

Performance Guarantee: Our Nifty futures trading will deliver at least 1200 Nifty points gain in each calendar year (for example, from 01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020). Traders who subscribe for 1 year will get full refund of their Annual Subscription Fee if this performance guarantee is not met. You can search on Google, nobody is giving any performance guarantee, because it requires courage and genuine caring for traders/subscribers to give a performance guarantee of any type, but we want to give, because we don’t want your money if you don’t make profit, and because we have confidence in our trading system and learning, and most importantly, we work with full faith in God. Even if our performance is down in one quarter, we will bounce back using the next available opportunity, because Nifty is the best equity investment available in India.

You can benefit from our  NIFTY futures trading service. Most of our profitable Nifty Futures trades have come from holding between 1-4 weeks. While some targets are achieved within 2-3 days, some trades take 1-2 weeks to play out. You have to take delivery of futures. We are not doing intraday trading. Trading is based on market trends and price targets, and typical targets about 100-200 points per trade, which may come in 1-3 days.

Please Note: We trade Nifty futures based on price targets, support and resistance levels. So every trade will have a Target and Stop loss right from the start. You should not be afraid to hold Nifty Futures overnight. We may hold Nifty Futures for several days, sometimes 3-4 days, and sometimes 2-3 weeks, which is possible by having a clearly defined target and stop loss (with extra protection with cheap Put options, if required). If you can not take delivery of Nifty Futures, our service is not suitable for you.

Subscription Service Details:

Nifty Futures Trading Signals by Email. An email will be sent to our Nifty Trading Group whenever we have a new trade or an update. There may be 2-3 emails per week. Each email will come in the evening or before the market starts, and sometimes during market hours. We also track S&P500 index of the US market closely for deciding Nifty trades.

Following are just a few examples.

*Sell Nifty Futures (Mar 2020) at 11,650 for Target 11,300 with Stop Loss 11,800.
Trade Result: Successful with 350 points gain.

*Buy Nifty Futures (Feb 2020) at 11,650 for Target 12,000 with Stop Loss 11,500.
Trade Result: Successful with 350 points gain.

*Buy Nifty Futures (May 2019) at 11,200 for Target 11,700 with Stop Loss 11,000.
Trade Result: Successful with 500 points gain.

*Buy Nifty Futures (Oct 2017) at 9800 for Target 9980 with Stop Loss 9680.
Trade Result: Successful with 180 points gain.

*Buy Nifty Futures (Oct 2017) at 10060 for Target 10180 with Stop Loss 9980.
Trade Result: Successful with 120 points gain.

Please Note: All trades will be based on actual Nifty futures prices of the current series (except in the expiry week, when we will switch to next month futures). Long term charts are available for Nifty index and this enables better analysis of price targets and support levels. Therefore we use both Nifty index and Nifty futures prices for long term trend analysis, and target setting because Futures premium keeps varying with time and market sentiment. Nifty index almost always hits our targets, but we have to decide/modify the Nifty futures price target based on the prevailing premium of Nifty futures. All trades are given for Nifty Futures prices. So you need not do any separate observations or study.

Subscribe to our Nifty Futures Trading Service:

Subscribe via India Bank Transfer:
Rs 12K per month (paid quarterly), or Rs 1.20 lakh per year.

Subscribe via PayPal: Order using the following payment buttons. PayPal is the most secure online payment mechanism. You can pay using Indian credit card or debit card. Please contact if you face any problems in making the payment.

Nifty Futures Trading – 3 Month Subscription – USD $500

Nifty Futures Trading – 6 Month Subscription – USD $900

Nifty Futures Trading – 12 Month Subscription – USD $1600

This is a very nominal fee for the gains that Nifty futures trading can deliver on annual basis. And 12 months subscription comes with 1200 Nifty points guarantee – and nobody else is giving any type of performance guarantee.

Benefits of Annual Subscription:
(1) Performance Guarantee of 1200 Nifty points (as described above)
(2) Service Fee for just 10 months instead of 12 months.

Please contact us to get started today! To express interest or for any questions, please send email to:

Update Jan 2022: We now also offer email plus phone consulting service for Nifty traders who can trade with 20+ contracts of Nifty or Bank Nifty Futures, which requires about Rs 50 lakh trading capital. The service fee is USD 2000 per quarter (can also be paid in INR into our company’s ICICI Bank), and you can make 3-5X of that in trading profits. To learn more, please contact us. Thanks.

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