Nifty Futures Trading- Performance Guarantee for 12 month subscription: Our Nifty Futures Trading service will give at least 1200 Nifty points gain in the 12 months of your subscription, otherwise, we will give you full refund of the service fee. The performance will be measured based on the trades in our online model portfolio, which are also shared with you.

You can search the Internet – nobody else gives performance guarantee on their trading advice. Our trading service is not comparable to regular service providers because we are active traders and we don’t depend on this service fee for our annual income.

We are able to give the above performance guarantees in Nifty futures trading because they are achievable with a good trading system and tight money management/ risk management.

We are Nifty Futures Traders ourselves and that is our main income source. We do not want your money if our trading signals/inputs do not generate profits for you.

Nifty lot size = 50

  • If you trade 2 lots, potential profit is 1200*100 = Rs 1.2 lakh/year
  • If you trade 10 lots, potential profit is 1200*500 = Rs 6.0 lakh/year
  • We do not advise more than 10 lots for traders who are not experienced. Ideally, you should trade with only 2-4 lots (100-200 Nifty Futures) till you are making profits regularly (every month, quarter) and then you can add more capital, and use your profits for buying new lots.
  • If you are an experienced trader with more capital, you can imagine the potential profits you can get with at least 1200 Nifty points per year.
  • Please Note: The above scenarios are for 12 month subscription service only.

Are you consistently making profits from Nifty Futures Trading? Are you making 1200 points per year with Nifty Futures? If yes, then you don’t need this service. If not, you can get good gains by subscribing to our Nifty Futures Trading Service.

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