1. How much profit can I make with Nifty Futures trading?
    Answer: The real answer is: It depends on market conditions. Our Nifty Futures buy/sell trades typically make 100-200 Nifty points per trade after factoring the cost of Put options.  Instead of stop loss, we prefer holding Put options because they can withstand market volatility. The cost of Put options is considered part of the Nifty trade. We can not guarantee profits in every trade, and but over 6-12 months, you will see a clear net profit. Please see our performance page.
  2. How often do you trade?
    Answer: We do not trade daily. We do about 5 trades per month. We trade when the market makes a new move either on upside or downside. We share the same trades with our subscribers.
  3. Do you carry positions overnight?
    Answer: Yes, always. All our Nifty trades are positional trades, where we may hold Nifty for 2-3 weeks per trade. When we want to take longer duration positions, then we use next month Nifty Futures. If you can’t hold Nifty futures overnight, our service is not suitable for your trading style.
  4. Do you trade in futures for long term?
    Answer: Yes, of course. We see Nifty Futures as Nifty ETF on margin. We often hold Nifty Futures for 150-250 points gain.  Big gains need long timeframes. Some of the best times to buy Nifty futures are when the market has fallen down badly (say 400-500 points) and when metal stocks (Tata Steel, Hindalco) start their rebound. The downside risk is less and upside gain is high in such cases. For example, if Nifty has fallen down 10% from recent highs, we will most likely see 3-5% bounce back, which makes it a good opportunity to buy Nifty Futures and hold for 2-3 weeks.
  5. Do you use futures for hedging?
    Answer: Yes, sometimes Nifty futures can be sold to hedge a large portfolio of diverse stocks. However, we trade Nifty futures for trading, and not for hedging.
  6. How much capital is needed for Nifty futures trading?
    Answer: You much have at least Rs 50,000 trading capital, using which you can start trading 1 lot of Nifty futures, along with 1 Put option. Ideally, you should have Rs 1 lakh or more for Nifty Futures trading.
  7. What if I am new to Nifty Futures trading?
    If you are new to Nifty Futures, you must trade with just 1-2 lots of Nifty Futures only for 3 months till you get confidence and till you can get some regular profits. After you have gained confidence, you can trade in more lots of Nifty Futures.
  8. How do you send your Nifty Futures trading tips?
    Answer: We send all our trades by email only. We do not use SMS.  If there is an important message, we will call you on your mobile phone.
  9. Do you offer free trials of your service?
    Answer:  Because our trades are positional trades, the concept of free trial makes less sense. If you need a free trial, we can share our latest Nifty Futures trade with you. Please use the contact page for it.
  10. Do you offer refunds?
    Answer: Given the nature of this service, no refunds are offered. However, we have a performance guarantee on Annual Subscription. If you are new, you can start with 3 month subscription and then buy a new 6 or 12 month subscription.
  11. Why do we offer this service if we are successful Nifty traders?
    Answer: We anyway do our daily homework, and if we can share it with some other serious traders, we are open to it. Some large traders take our inputs on Nifty direction from time to time.  The only extra time this website service needs is the time to send emails to our subscribers. We are happy when we protect the capital of our subscribers from large market falls, and enable them to profit from large Nifty moves. It often leads to new business possibilities on other fronts.

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