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Important Notes:

  • You will need minimum Rs 4 lakh for Nifty Futures Trading, and the risk is high. Therefore, its very important to wait for suitable entry point, and that is where our experience with Nifty can help you.
  • We will hold futures and options for hedging/protection, and it also reduces margin capital requirements. For example, if we are holding 100 Nifty futures long, then we will hold 200 Nifty Put options of weekly expiry.
  • Over long term, Nifty Futures Trading is much better than Nifty Options Trading, because with Options you can be right and still lose money, because Time Value of Options is very difficult to handle properly. We will trade only Nifty Futures in this service
  • Nifty Options Trading can be very profitable in a few cases, but we can never load much capital in Nifty options with high conviction. But we can load large capital in Nifty futures. In general its difficult to make money over long term with options. Nifty futures are far superior for reliable trading gains. Serious wealth creation will happen with Nifty Futures, so we must trade with them with a majority portion of our trading capital.

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