We trade Nifty Futures, and sometimes we also trade the futures of stocks within Nifty. This site aims to share our Nifty Futures Trading Service.

We do not trade every day. We only trade when we have some clarity on market direction, even if it is for intra-week. Typically, we trade Nifty Futures 5-10 times per month, with average profit of 30-50 points per trade on the Nifty, aiming for 500 points per quarter.

Interested traders can subscribe to our Nifty Futures Trading Calls, which we share by email. Every Nifty Futures trading call given to our subscribers is also implemented by us. Our skin is always in the game, because we are Nifty traders too!


We offer Nifty Futures Trading advice on this website along with Nifty trading strategies that we have found profitable in our NIFTY futures trading experience of last 10 years.

  • The most important strategy is to have a per-defined stop loss for each Nifty Futures trade. And one must exit when that stop loss comes. When you subscribe to our Nifty Futures trading service, you will learn how we create our stop losses.
  • Another important Nifty Trading Strategy is to switch to next month Nifty futures 5 days before expiry each month. Current month futures have unpredictable behaviour in the last few days before expiry – they may have zero or negative premium and do not move well in the market direction. Many large traders have already moved to next month Futures, and you should do the same.

Some of our most profitable Nifty Futures trades have come after holding for 2-3 weeks at a time. This is possible by having a clearly defined stop loss, otherwise the temptation to exit is high as when the trade is temporarily moving against the direction, before eventually taking off in the expected direction.

Right from the start of a trade, we will have a level for booking profits and for exiting with stop loss. These levels may be updated 2-3 times per week as the trade progresses.

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